PRISCA Version >=5.0
1 Servicepack 2 for all current PRISCA 5 customers. The Servicepack fixes several issues in the initial release of PRISCA 5 Contact Siemens GPSS for access 98,1 Mb
2 Servicepack 3 for customers with Prisca 5.0.2 (Servicepack 2) already installed.

This service pack includes the new Export Reminder and

updated imbedded Operator Guides. New training presentations,

translated release notes and operator guides, are available on the

Siemens Diagnostics Online Document Library under the Informatics

product category . Link to Siemens Document Library:

Download 22,13 MB
3 Network.exe for PRISCA 5 Download 1,265 MB
4 Turkish language files update Download 1,265 MB
Russian language files update version 5 Download 543 kb
6 Croatian language file update version 2 Download 528 kb
7 English language file update version 1 corrects 3 typing errors (pregancies instead of pregnancies) Download 110 kb
8 Latvian language file update version 1 Download 518,72 kb
9 Database update for latvian customers. The option "unknown" for Absence of nasal bone will be replaced by "not applicable" in latvian language.  Latvian customers who are using the english language can obtain this update from the Siemens local support for english language too. Download 483 kb
10 NTAudit 2.2.
Please download and replace the existing NTAudit.exe. This version fixes the problem, that reports could not be printed.
Download 2,08 MB
11 Lookup_install.exe
Corrects some translation errors in the export menu. Further details are available via the Siemens support: CCHS 13-09728
Download 1,7 MB

  PRISCA Version >=4.0.15 and <5.0
1 Report Servicepack (SP7) for all customers, who don't use PRISCAConnect and who don't have a customized report (AddOn) installed. This Servicepack fixes several report issues Download SP7 583kb
2 Report Servicepack (SP8) for all customers, who use PRISCAConnect and who don't have a customized report (AddOn) installed. This servicepack fixes several report issues and has a fixed display format for biochemical values. Download SP8 582kb
3 Update of Siemens default median constants (SP11) for all PRISCA 4 customers. This Servicepack will install the newest Siemens median constants (replaces SP10).

This Servicepack does not automatically modify your medians!

If you do have the file LOG_SP11.TXT in your PRISCA4 root directory, SP11 has already been installed!
Download SP11 1.328kb
4 PRISCA 4.0.20 Servicepack for China (includes the medians in SP11, updated language files, chinese Operators Guide) .
Weight field in report Triple_NoGraph has been made wider
Download SP3 China  3.402kb
5 Installation of greek language (ELL) for existing Prisca 4.0.20  customers Download ELL 2.043 kb



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