allows fully automated risk calculation

with Prisca 5®, the prenatal screening software,

distributed by Siemens Healthineers.

P5Link is compatible with each Laboratory

Information System (LIS) which is capable of

generating ASTM files. Importing all data into

Prisca, using Prisca to calculate risks and export

all results back to the LIS takes a few seconds



Thus, P5Link

- saves valuable time

- helps avoiding typing errors

-can process twin and egg donor pregnancies



Three modes are available:

- Full automation with validation

  of the results by P5Link

- Full automation with validation

  of the results by the customer

- Semiautomatic mode



P5Link is the latest software developed

by Typolog Software. Based on the current

scientific status and experience of more than

20 years in prenatal diagnosis.



P5Link broschure




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