Does Prisca 4.0.20 run under Windows Vista? Yes, but it has been laid out for Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows 98. We recommend not installing it in the default directory c:\program files. You should install it into your user directory.
Prisca 4.0.20 asks for a user name and password to log-in There are 2 levels:

Username = superuser
Password = superuser

This is the highest level for the person, who is responsible for the results. The superuser has the permission to change medians, weight regression, and other features which will influence the risk calculation.

Username = user
Password = user

This is the level for everybody, who is allowed to enter and print data, but who is not allowed to change sensitive settings.
Does Prisca 4.0.20 run in a network? Yes. But if there are more than 5 client computers working at the same time with Prisca, you should use a real server-client version, which will involve a surcharge. Please contact medical@typolog.de for more information.
What kind of computer is required to use PRISCA 4? Prisca 4 runs on all computers with Windows 95 or higher versions installed. You should have a minimum of 30MB free disk space on your computer.
Prisca does not start, it comes with a "collation sequence" error Run Prisca4Rebuild.exe
I would like to do change the report layout please contact medical@typolog.de
Where can I buy Prisca and how much does it cost? Prisca 4.0.20 is exclusively distributed by Siemens Healthcare. Please get in touch with your local Siemens distributor or contact medical@typolog.de
Is Prisca certified by the FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation) Prisca is not certified by the FMF. It is strongly recommended that the sonographer, who is measuring the NT value be certified by the FMF! Typolog will investigate the quality of the nuchal translucency measurements and block sonographers who do not meet the necessary quality criteria.


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