Having worked in the area of medical informatics for more than 20 years we are internationally renowned for our expertise and excellent service. Ever since the launch of PRISCA - the world-wide first Windows program for the Triple-Test - we habe been developing tools, which suit our customers' needs - with "creativity and integrity".
  • Feb 2019
Download the P5Link info broshure  
  • Aug 2018
On 12th September 2018, 2.30 PM MESZ, Siegbert Nachbaur will make an online presentation of P5Link for Siemens distributors.

 Contact medical@typolog.de if you want to participate.
  • Mar 2018
P5Link for Prisca 5 is available. It allows full automated risk calculation of Prisca. Contact medical@typolog.de for further information  
  • Mai 2017
P5Link - full automated prenatal risk calculation support for Prisca 5 is entering the Betaphase stage  
  • Nov 2016
Prisca Trainings workshop Dubai  
  • Nov 2015
Our company achieved ISO 13485 certification  
  • Jun 2015
Siegbert Nachbaur attended the
- 2nd Annual Conference of the APPI (Association of Practicing Pathologists India)
- two customer workshops, organized by Siemens in Mumbai, India
  • Apr 2015

Successful installation of P5Link Betaversion in a lab in Germany

  • Nov 2014
Prisca Servicepack 3 for Prisca 5.0.2 (SP2) customers is available.
More details see here
  • Aug 2014

Summertime and great weather in Tornesch

  • Mai 2014

Update of lookup tables for Prisca 5

  • Feb 2014

Update for Latvian Prisca 5 customers. Download here. Further description on Prisca download page.

  • Feb 2014

Training workshop in Delaware

  • Nov. 2013

New Export Reminder version shall be released by Siemens by end of this year. The version has a much more customer friendly input mask for Shared Database information.

  • Jun. 2013

Participation at two Prisca user days in France

Participation at 17th International Conference on Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapie in Lisboa

  • Apr 2013

Participation at two Prisca user days in Belgium

  • Mar 2013
Beta site installation of connectivity solution comparable with Prisca 5  
  • Dec 2012
Upload of NTAudit.exe version 2.2. This version fixes the bug that a report cannot be printed out.  
  • Oct 2012
Upload of Russian language file v. 5

Upload of English language file v.1
  • Aug 2012
Update of report templates for Prisca 5 SP2  
  • Jun. 2012
New upload of Servicepack 8 for Prisca 4.0.20. Some reports did still display too many decimal characters, this has been fixed  
  • Mar 2012
New Export Reminder for Shard Database participants in progress  
  • Jan 2012
Prisca 4 Chinese version: New Servicepack 2 available for download  
  • Dec 2011
Participation on AACC Webinar: A new Era in Down Syndrome Screening  
  • Dec 2011
Turkisch updated language files available for download  
  • Oct 2011
1.000.000 records  in PRISCA SharedDatabase  
  • Aug 2011
Installation of greek language (ELL) for existing Prisca 4.0.20 customers  
  • Jul. 2011
New - mandatory - Servicepacks are available for Prisca 5 and Prisca 4 to download  
  • Jun. 2011
Participation at 9th Congress of INTERNATIONAL PRENATAL SCREENING GROUP in Barcelona  
  • Jun. 2011
End of life of Prisca 4.0.20 standalone by 30th Jun. 2011. Existing Prisca 4.0.20 customers need to update to Prisca 5 latest on 1st Oct. 2012.

Exeption: PriscaConnect customers, customers from China and France.

Please contact your Siemens representative for further information
  • Feb. 2011
Prisca, PriscaConnect, Shared-DB training workshop in Eschborn, Germany  
  • Jan. 2011
Prisca workshop for Flemish and Walloon customers  
  • Nov. 2010
onsite PriscaConnect installation in Turkey  
  • Sep. 2010
EMEA training workshop for Prisca, PriscaConnect and Shared Database  took place in Eschborn  
  • Jul. 2010
Servicepack 1 for Prisca 5 can be downloaded . The download is mandatory for customers, who are using Inhibin-A, and recommended to all Prisca 5 users  
  • Jun. 2010
Launch of Prisca 5  
  • Jun. 2010
The Shared Database has more than 500.000 patient records for statistical analysis and to create stable medians
  • Mai 2010
Servicepack 10 with an updated median wizard for the recalibrated PAPP-A can be downloaded
  • Apr. 2010
Typolog + Siemens held a successful Maternal Screening Traning workshop in Brazil  
  • Mar. 2010
Two new countries - India and Hungary are attending the Shared Database project.

Prisca 5 Controlled Rollout has successfully started
  • Feb. 2010
Two new countries - Czechia and Australia are attending the Shared Database project.  
  • Jan. 2010
Prisca 5 has got CE certificate  
  • Jan. 2010
New Servicepacks for Prisca 4.0.20 have been uploaded  
  • Nov. 2009
Typolog Goes Green: We are paying for our greenhouse gas emissions to the non profit organization atmosfair, if travelling by aeroplane can not be avoided. The donated money will be invested invested in solar, hydropower, biomass, or energy-efficiency projects in developing countries.  
  • Oct. 2009
Siegbert Nachbaur from Typolog Software gives a presentation about Prisca Shared Database on a user Meeting Belgium  
  • Oct. 2009
Siegbert Nachbaur from Typolog Software gives a presentation of the Typolog products  on the workshop “III Congreso Nacional del Laboratorio Clínico” in Valencia  
  • Sep.. 2009
PriscaConnect installation in Belgium  
  • Sep.. 2009
Siegbert Nachbaur from Typolog Software presents statistical results on Prisca User Club Meeting in Paris/France  
  • Sep.. 2009
Prisca Connect installation in Tenerife, Spain  
  • Jul. 2009
A customized installation of the flexible and user friendly Prisca software results into this testimonial from our customer: "Again, this has confirmed our exceptional experience in cooperation with Mr. Nachbaur himself, with Typolog software, as well as company Siemens- DPC in Croatia"  
  • Jun. 2009
Another new country - Switzerland started with the installation of PriscaConnect to do a full automated prenatal risk calculation  
  • Jun. 2009
Regional Servicepacks with improved weight regression medians, especially for asian countries can be offered. Siemens distributors are invited to contact Typolog for further information.  
  • Mai 2009
Start of Shared Database in Belgium  
  • Mai 2009
Upload of Prisca Servicepack 8  
  • 3rd qu.
Prisca training workshop in Singapore for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics employees.  
  • Jun. 2009
PRISCA/PConnect will be promoted in the IT section of the Siemens Healthcare booth at the EuromedLab/IFCC congress    
  • Apr. 2009  
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics presents Prisca on their website  
  • Feb. 2009
Launch of completely re-designed web site

Online training  PriscaConnect

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics approves PriscaConnect for
conditional release
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